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A March to Undertake Soul Searching Journey - YPCM Senapati

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in a way directly or indirectly. As the global community is reeling under the whip of the Coronavirus, we a group of few individuals undertook Young People’s Conscience March (YPCM) starting from 19 June 2020. This march is a response of the young people to the challenging situation that is upon us. Through this, we express our unflinching solidarity to our frontline workers; applaud our State Government in evacuating its citizen’s stranded outside the state. We all are called to perform different tasks at different times. As our medical professionals are responding to their calling with all seriousness.

Isolation Ward District Hospital, Senapati.

It is time for us to undertake a soul-searching journey and ask, ‘What can we contribute? Or “What can we do for our brothers and sisters who are in need? We hope to stir the conscience of the state and unsettle the hearts of those who have been indifferent to the needs of their fellow brethren into collective actions. In a perilous time like this, hope will determine whether we survive or perish. Therefore the message of hope is vital which we intend to impart through this march.

Maram Bazar Quarantine Centre

Thousands are living in Quarantine Centres, many more are in isolation wards, thousand have lost their jobs and we are living under the gripping fear of the pandemic every moment of our existence. The road back to normalcy and recovery will be long and tedious but not impossible. It is best taken when we join our hearts. YPCM team is visiting Quarantine Centres in Senapati district at the moment and targeting to cover Kangpokpi district next week to encourage our brothers and sisters not to lose hope and in the process distribute some essential items such as diapers for babies, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, mosquito coils, our customized facemask and T-Shirts.

Mt. Pisgah College Q/C, Senapati

YPCM Customized Face Mask

YPCM is a response of the young people to the unprecedented situation that is upon us. To spread the message of hope, and in doing so, stir the conscience of the people to take collective actions. This march is not a one-time event; it’s more like a movement to help rebuild our society where young people will play a vital part.

Little Angel Q/C, Senapati

Don Bosco College, Maram Q/C

Oinam Taphou Primary School Q/C, Senapati

YPCM Customized T-Shirts

Submitted by: K. Bowang Kho

Research Scholar, Manipur University & Founder YPCM

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