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All Tangkhul Medico’s Association (ATMA)

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

All Tangkhul Medico’s Association (ATMA) was formed and established in 2012 by all the Doctors of the Tangkhul Naga community of Manipur. With the objectives of:

a) Social upliftment in the health sector of theTangkhul community

b) To enhance – promotive, preventive and control and curative health care

c) To uphold medical ethics by protecting the honour, dignity and interest of the medical profession.

ATMA has 160 members in total. Since the establishment of the association, ATMA is very actively and regularly conducting free medical camps in the remote villages where there are no health care facilities. The organization has been conducting free surgical camp in the district HQ every year also conducting regular Continuing Medical Education (CME).

As usual, in 2020, the association has conducted two medical camps in New Tusom and Chammu villages; both villages are located in very remote areas bordering to Myanmar where basic health care is not available.

ATMA's Activities in Fighting the Pandemic

The situation today calls for cooperation and coordination from all sections of the society, ATMA on its part has undertaken a string of measures and activities to counter the spread of the virus and also to raise awareness about Covid-19 so as to enlighten the community and to avoid stigmatization and discrimination.


When the world is fighting against the pandemic, ATMA team also responded towards the cause in its capacity. When the lockdown was declared and all the hospital were converted to flu clinic, and movement restricted due to public curfew, our community was facing difficulties while consulting non-flu and non-emergency illness. ATMA came out volunteering with the responsibility to attend the sickness through TELE-MEDICINE, from date 29 March 2020 (through phone calls, video call, etc). It helped immensely to the people with around 30 - 40 consultation every day and still getting calls till date.

ATMA team, TNL, TCFC and CSO with 3 Honorable MLAs of Ukrul 24 April 2020.


ATMA had a very fruitful consultative meeting with the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), Tangkhul Coordination Forum for COVID-19 (TCFC), District CMO, ADCs, CSOs in the presence of 3 Tangkhul Honorable MLAs in Ukhrul deliberating on quarantine Centers on 24 April 2020.

ATMA team donated 150 PPE and 800 pairs of rubber gloves to the frontline workers of Ukhrul and Kamjong District.

Handing over 150 PPEs and 800 pairs of gloves to CMO Ukhrul.

Awareness Program (Ukhrul & Kamjong) on 11 June 2020

The main three topics covered and the resource persons are:

1. Introduction & Epidemiology of COVID-19 by Dr. Kanminingshen

2. Stigma and discrimination on COVID-19 by Dr. Wormi Sharon

3. Infection, Prevention and Control of COVID-19 by Dr. Kasomhung Soreingam

Dr. Kasomhung Soreingam, Dr. Wormi Sharon and Dr. Kanmi Ningshen during the awareness program.

The program was attended by 120 active volunteers from all nooks and corners of the villages. The panel discussion was another energetic and meaningful session. Many doubts and misunderstanding were clarified by the ATMA senior members Dr. Nganingkhui Lungleng, Dr. Awor Luikham, Dr. Manik Shaiza, Dr. ASK Falix, CMO Dr. Kapangring Shimray - MS Dist. Hospital, Dr. Reisangmi Raikhan and Dr. Yuithingla Vashum Luikham, help in the discussion.

In the occasion, Mrs. Junreiwon Thongam donated 300 PPEs and 10 disinfectant sprayers to TCFC. The same team conducted an awareness program in Kamjong District HQ on 18 June 2020. It was attended by 70 volunteers.

Awareness program in Kamjong District on 18 May 2020.

Mrs. Junreiwon Thongam (middle) donating 300 PPEs and 10 sprayers, Ukhrul.

Mass Media Campaign Through Booklet, Brochures & Pamphlets

In view of the situation, a mass awareness campaign was felt necessary. Therefore, in this aspect, All Tangkhul Medicos Association (ATMA) along with TCFC had come out with a booklet and brochures on COVID-19 in local lingo (5000 copies) as per the guidelines of WHO, MoHFW and ICMR. And another 20,000 copies in the form of brochures were printed to meet the needs of the villagers. We are certain that these booklets, brochures and pamphlets on COVID-19 will definitely help gain, address the gaps, offer a better understanding to the masses to minimize the transmission and take the necessary precautions in the near future as this COVID-19 might be a part of lives for long.

Ten thousand copies (10,000) of pamphlets on doubts and clarification on asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 positive cases treatment was released and distributed on 3 July 2020 in collaboration with TCFC as there is a rumour that positive case is a scam!

As the world continues to fight Covid-19, ATMA is committed to continuing to support and help our community to fight with whatever we can.

Submitted by: ATMA

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