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Chakpikarong Community Quarantine Centre, Chandel District – A Home Away From Home

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

With a sole motive of rehabilitating the returnees from different parts of the world from within the Chakpikarong area due to COVID-19 pandemic, the executives of Anãl Lenruwl Tangpi (Anãl Naga Student Union) Chakpikarong Branch with the addition of few other volunteers initiated the formation of COVID-19 Response Team Chakpikarong on 24 April 2020. With its inception, the team has conducted various activities. Such as,

1. Made an awareness videos on:

a. Inter-Village Road bordering Myanmar (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIduWaI9GKQ)

b. How to make DIY Local Mask (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHAIyhRh1wo)

c. A Public Awareness Video on Quarantineby Dr. SP. Monoringa (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVRcjHzcFaU&t=53s)

2. Presented local made mask to the Police personnel

3. Visited all the villages within Chakpikarong area and appraised the concern village chiefs about COVID-19

The Chakpikarong Community Quarantine Centre at Chakpikarong Higher Secondary School, Chandel District was operationalised on 11 2020 with the registration of two returnees from Shillong under the management of COVID-19 Response Team Chakpikarong. Nine dedicated volunteers and two male cooks are stationed at the centre from its date of inception to look after the daily smooth systematic operation of the centre.

The centre provides a healthy diet of breakfast, lunch, noon tea and dinner to boost the immune system of the returnees, whereby it is served by the volunteers in a disposable food packing container while following strict social distancing norms. In order to prevent the spread of the disease, each room is provided with a separate personalized toilet (with key), water drum, dustbin, disinfectant, sanitary foot dustbin (for ladies), garbage bag, diesel (for burning the waste), candles, matchsticks, mosquito coil (if needed), mask, gloves and sanitizers, etc. at a regular interval. The inmates dispose of their own waste by following the standard norm for waste disposal.

There is a daily screening of inmates by the medical team and a regular reminder of adhering to the standard operating procedure of maintaining a strict social distancing among themselves and the proper use of masks. Besides, the inmates are also being counselled on a regular basis to make them mentally strong. Various recreational activities are also organized for the inmates to help them cope with boredom and to provide them with a homely environment.

It is worth mentioning that the record of each returnee is well documented at the centre. 84 returnees have been registered till date, out of which 53 have already been discharged as on 2 July 2020 after being tested negative and the completion of 28 days quarantine. With thy grace, there are no positives cases in the centre to date.

The successful operation of Chakpikarong Community Quarantine Centre is only possible with the love and supports through donations in the form of monetary help and other essential items from well-wishers, churches, youth clubs, village chiefs and various civil societies.

COVID 19 Response Team of Chakpikarong has committed to render their support with the hope that even a little help can make a difference.

"A fight for all humanity with compassion." is an enchoing motto for all the 11 members.

Compiled by:

Bd. Onahring, Co-Convener, CQCC

(Verified from the districts as well as from the State team)

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