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CHILDLINE - 1098 (MANEDA), Senapati on Covid - 19

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

As the world struggles with COVID-19 pandemic, various cities, town, villages and stranded students are combating for food and essential commodities for survival due to the total shutdown. CHILDLINE (1098) (MANEDA), Senapati with an aim to help those in need has distributed relief materials to more than 350 stranded students within the district.

It’s an intervention responding to concerns about the safety and well-being of children. Various relief materials were distributed to stranded student in collaboration with Senapati CSO including NPO, SDSA, SDWA and DLSA. It also collectively organized preventive and precautionary measures to fight COVID-19.

We stand as the frontline warrior with the aim to spread awareness about the pandemic and our cause to the community and. Our focus was to develop a society free of child abuse in which every person takes responsibility for promoting their protection and rights. We did not take on the campaign with simple words but along with relief materials as gifts and small presentation for the kids to the entire orphan home within our jurisdiction. Besides that, certain activities were performed such as drawing, painting, singing, etc. so as to improve the students' calibre.

The team took up various sessions on CHILDLINE 1098 service, anti-bullying at school and adolescent sexual health. Along with this, the team also distributed pamphlet/leaflets, pen pencil, soap and washing powder to all the students. The aim of reaching out to the students was to train and prepare the students in knowing their rights and standing up for themselves at the same time teaching them to stay safe from the Coronavirus.

As we journey through this pandemic together, let’s shine the light to all human race. Not on differences, but on communities that solely unit us.

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