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Community and NGOs Responding to Covid-19 In Churachandpur

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

As the world is experiencing Pandemic after a gap of 100 years in modern times, governments of the world had no chance for preparation to respond to such a dangerous and life-threatening disease. While the government is trying hard to contain the virus as well as address the social needs of the people to its best, still more issues need attention.

Churachandpur, a cosmopolitan town in Manipur, where CSO, NGO and Philanthropic/Voluntary Organization play a strong and vital role in the implementation of programmes in the community. Like in the past during community issues, these organizations are now playing a very important role in helping the Govt. agencies fight the COVID-19 related issues in their best capabilities, which is a big help to the District Administration and Health Department.

Centre For Community Initiative CCI:

The Centre for Community Initiative is an NGO which mostly focuses on differently-abled persons. The organization is the first to come forward and donated hand sanitizers, face masks, face shields, gloves and PPE Kits for ASHAs and Paramedicals. This has been an immense help to the frontline workers to work safely in the community with basic PPE.

DCM & Mr Pauzagin Tonsing, Director CCI.

Distribution of hand sanitizers and face masks to ASHAs and AF.

Social Transformer Agency (STA), Community Development Society (CDS) & Rural Aid Service (RAS)

RAS, CDS and STA are local NGOs who work for the socio-economic upliftment of the community in Churachandpur. RAS, STA and CDS work in interior villages. They extended their help in hosting Awareness Programmes related to COVID-19, the role of community, family and maintaining personal hygiene. Several NGOs and voluntary organization were given basic training by the District Health Authority. The awareness programme subject included community preparedness in acceptance of COVID-19 patients, Quarantine Centres and social obligations.


NEST is a group of young educated social workers who completed their Post Graduate, working in the community, helping and volunteering for the community by using their expertise, rights-based issues, advocacy and need-based research.

ICI, RWUS: Independent Church of India (Rural Women Upliftment Society)

RWUS is a Church based organization run by the Church Women group working and focusing for rural women. RWUS has done commendable work for interior villages and socio-economic upliftment in Churachandpur and Pherzawl district.

RWUS distributed hand-sanitizers, facemasks, PPE kits and gloves to the District Health Authority, ASHAs and community volunteers within Churachandpur. They also distributed face masks and hand sanitizer to Community Quarantine Centres and villages.

Home Quarantine Substitute Centre HQSC

Most of the houses in villages have no separate room and toilet to observe proper home quarantine protocols after discharge from IQC/CQC. An Idea came up to form a COVID Committee in Gangpimual Village, which then decided to open a Substitute Home Quarantine Centre, a school donated by Covenant School authority. Youth and men from the village volunteered for duty 24x7 at the HQSC. ASHAs and Anganwadi Workers were involved in the committee and duty. Churches and several individuals donated edibles and money to run the HQSC. As all the inmates are from the same village, food is provided by the respective family in packets.

The idea was replicated very fast in nearby communities of Churachandpur district. Following this, the Kuki Chief Association Churachandpur also announced to all its members to open HQSC in every village.

Asha House & Private House Donated For HQSC

In a rare incident at B.Kaljang a village, under PHSC Tuinning, PHC Saikot, an ASHA member offered her house to be used as a Home Quarantine Substitute Centre for all the returnees of her village. She herself moved to her brother's house which is not far from her house.

At Ngurte Village Mr. Thangboi offers his house for HQSC for his villagers who have completed IQC/CQC.

Church Giving Edibles & Bibles To IQC/CQC Inmates

The Evangelical Baptist Convention Church (EBCC) visited Quarantine Centres and distributed edible items and pocket Bibles to inmates and authorities who look after the Quarantine Centres.

Snacks, Juices & Water Bottles

Various organizations have also come up and donated food items including juices, snacks, bottled waters and other edibles. It is indeed a wonderful experience to see such generosities and boosts our morales during such a hectic situation. It also helps us in the management of stress for the paramedical staffs. Among the many generous donators, Lamka Chhim Church Pavalai Pawl and Likla Imphal are some worth mentioning.

Lamka Chhim Presbytery Pavalai.

Likla Imphal

Acceptance & Motivation of Covid-19 Recovered

Programme for the reception of recovered Covid-19 patients is organized at a different community in the District. With the leadership of the village and community leaders, people lined up holding posters and placards, beating drums and playing music for the reception of the recovered patients. Such activities show acceptance and affection to the COVID-19 tested positives and recovered patients. It motivates the morale and emotion of the recovered patients to live a healthy life in the community.

Reception of 1st Recovered COVID-19 Patient by HYA Khawmawi.

Bungmual Community Reception Programme of the 1st Recovered Female Nurse.

Reception of the Recovered at Hiangtam Lamka.

KKL Kuki Khanglai Lawmpi & HYA Hmar Youth Association

Among the many organizations, KKL and HYA voluntary organization play a very important role in working out the logistics for incoming returnees, sending them to Quarantine Centres and helping the District Authorities in logistics.

They donated their Ambulance with their own expenses, to pick up and transport inmates from one quarantine to another, from Imphal to Churachandpur. Their contribution has been immense and helpful.

KKL Lamka Block.

HYA and their Ambulance at IQC.

Submitted by: Huai Sian Vung (Vung Mary) DCM. DHS Churachandpur

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