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Community Participation in Fighting Against COVID-19 at Jiribam

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Jiribam is a newly formed and one of the smallest districts in Manipur located at the western border of Manipur. Earlier, it was under the Imphal East District Administration. Most government offices of the district have been recently established and as a result, there is a lack of adequate manpower.

All Jiribam United Club Association (AJUCA) volunteers and Jiribam Youth volunteers getting ready at Jiribam Railway Station to receive the returnees.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, the Government of Manipur has taken up initiatives to bring the stranded Manipuris back to their hometown by arranging special trains from different cities of India via Jiribam Railway Station, which, in fact, is the only way through which passengers can directly reach the state by railway.

Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) members taking the responsibility of catering service.

Subsequently, after a formal meeting at the DC’s office with officials from all the departments, preparation was underway to receive the returnees. As mentioned earlier, the district is in a state of lack of manpower. However, thankfully, the local clubs and NGOs bestowed upon the district administration their valuable support to help handle the situation in the district. Around 50 individuals volunteered to help at the railway station when the returnees arrived. The volunteers were from various organisations including Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) - Jiribam Branch and Imphal Headquarter, AJUCA, UPC, JDO, among others. The IRCS volunteers were trained by the State IRCS team at Jiribam and other volunteers were trained by doctors at Sub District Hospital, Jiribam, on 11 May 2020.

Uchathol Pioneers Club (UPC) member helping at the screening point of Jiribam Railway Station.

Screening of returnees.

Four doctors and five nurses also volunteered and joined the medical team in the thermal screening of the 1200 returnees who had arrived at the railway station by the first train from Chennai on 13 May 2020. Local volunteers, who had been trained, helped in various stages, such as, thermal screening of the returnees, distribution of food and water to the returnees, ensuring that proper social distancing was maintained, management of the screened returnees in boarding their respective buses and distribution of face masks to the returnees.

Thus with full support and cooperation from the volunteers, the passengers from different parts of the country were able to reach their respective districts from Jiribam Railway Station. The systematic management at Jiribam, which could not have been possible without the support of the volunteers, was highly appreciated by the returnees. The invaluable contributions of all the volunteers during such a highly demanding time shall not go unnoticed.

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