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Community Participation at Singjamei Community Quarantine Centre, Manipur College, Imphal West

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

After the nation-wide lockdown implementation following the COVID-19 outbreak, the State Government of Manipur has taken up initiatives to bring back stranded Manipuri citizens from other states. In order to follow strict quarantine SOP for all the returnees, many Community Quarantine Centres have been established in all the Assembly Constituencies where the local people have volunteered to take the responsibility of looking after these centres.

The Singjamei Community Quarantine Centre at Manipur College, Imphal West is believed to be one of the best Community Quarantine Centres in the State. It was operationalised on 3 May 2020 with the registration of two returnees from Guwahati under the guidance of COVID-19 Quarantine Management Committee Singjamei Assembly Constituency.

This centre has been operating very smoothly and systematically under the leadership of Manipur State Assembly Speaker Mr Y. Khemchand Singh with the help of 50 volunteers, 20 of whom are women. They are working under 12 Sub Committees with different job responsibilities around-the-clock.

The volunteers carry out their assigned responsibilities with dedication and sincerity. The timely serving of breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner to those undergoing quarantine is worth mentioning.

All the food items are freshly prepared by a team of 2 dedicated volunteers with the help of lady volunteers at the centre and served to the quarantined by maintaining strict social distancing norms. The quarantined are counselled daily by a healthcare team. Moreover, the volunteers do their best to provide moral support to the inmates to help them remain mentally strong during this pandemic and especially during their stay at the centre.

Steps to prevent the local spread of the disease amongst the inmates are also carefully followed at the centre. 3 masks per inmate are distributed each day and announcement directing inmates to maintain strict social distancing and proper use of masks, as per the guidelines of MoHFW, are also done on a daily basis.

The inmates are categorised into three groups as - COVID-19 tested with report awaited, yet to be tested and lastly, tested with a negative report. Accommodations are arranged accordingly to separate them and prevent local transmission. Additionally, to help keep the spirit and morale of the inmates high, recreational programs like music concert by renowned singers including Ms Mangka and Mr Bobin, etc. are also organised at the centre from time to time.

To maintain hygiene at the centre, the compound is cleaned and sanitised every morning by volunteers and rooms by inmates using disinfectants. Systematic and proper waste disposal mechanism is also maintained at the centre. Each inmate is supplied with a dustbin and a polythene bag. All the garbage along with the polythene bags are collected and dumped into a pit which is later burnt into ashes by the volunteers to prevent any spread of infection.

Record keeping is also well maintained by the volunteers. As of 23 June 2020, 249 returnees have registered at the centre out of which 220 have been discharged with negative reports. So far, there has been no report of any positive case at this centre.

The dedication and the selfless contributions of the volunteers under the guidance of the present MLA of Singjamei Assembly Constituency and the efforts of the medical team are the deciding factors in the ongoing success story of this Community Quarantine Centre in the fight against the pandemic.

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