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Covid-19 Response by Nehru Yuva Kendra Chandel, Manipur

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, Govt. of India

Coronavirus, also known as the COVID-19 has brought the world to its knees since the beginning of this year 2020. Spreading within no time, it has brought sufferings not just through the infection but also through the very nature of making people from all walks of life immobile. The government has taken various measures and preventive steps to break the chain of this virus from spreading further. Falling in line with the nation, the Nehru Yuva Kendra Chandel, through its National Youth Volunteers and the youth volunteers from various Youth Clubs which are affiliated to NYK Chandel has been rolling out various forms of awareness, activities, campaign and mobilization of youths to fight COVID-19 and motivate people to follow the lockdown measures and other preventive measures directed by the government.

Some of the notable activities and stories of NYK Chandel in COVID-19 Response are listed below

1. Face Mask Making

Various youth clubs under NYK Chandel have been motivated to make masks for the general public more specifically for their own villagers to prevent themselves from getting the Coronavirus. One such Club is Lanching Youth Club where under the guidance of the NYV Mr. CT Jamlalgin, motivated the youth club members to prepare face masks as wearing face mask was made compulsory by the government to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Therefore, they locally resource the materials with whatever clothes available with them and stitched the face masks. The finished masks were distributed among the villagers and instructed them to wear whenever they go out of their houses. The youth club not only made the face masks but also gave the expertise of making the same to their neighbouring villages to do the same. They also sell in minimum rates the extra face masks they have prepared.

2. COVID-19 Awareness and Preventive Measure with Youth Clubs

Under the supervision of the NYK Chandel, Village Level Youth Clubs have been taking up various preventive measures in the village even before a single case of Coronavirus was detected in Manipur. The first activity they undertook was the ward by ward preventive awareness on COVID-19 and proper hand-washing by soap. Health and hygiene were given special emphasis with the message to keep oneself clean and tidy always. The youths have been successful in sensitizing the villagers for any eventualities as they are vulnerable due to the road connecting to the Moreh Market which is in the international borderline between India and Myanmar.

3. COVID-19 Awareness Activities

The National Youth Volunteers of NYK Chandel have been at the forefront since the beginning of this COVID-19 response initiated in the month of March 2020. The NYVs with a team of healthcare experts and the District Administration has undertaken preventive and awareness program in Khengjoy block of Chandel which is the border area between India and Myanmar. They have been instrumental in mobilizing youth for Aarogaya App installation and usage of the same. The NYVs took the major responsibility of registration of IGOT health and taking the IGOT-health online training by the youth club members. Constant social media awareness and sharing of government directives and information are disseminated by them throughout. They also made loudspeaker public announcement in remote rural areas where there is no internet excess.

4. Cleaning and Arrangement of Institutional Quarantine Centres of Chandel

The Nehru Yuva Kendra Volunteers and Youth club members helped in the setting up of Institutional Quarantine Centres at United College, St. Peters and JNV Chandel. Cleaning of rooms, cleaning toilets, digging waste pits were carried out to ensure a smooth stay for the returnees from other states.

5. Campaign Against Stigma and Social Discrimination Of COVID-19 Frontline workers

NYK Chandel has been very vocal about the stigma and discrimination of COVID-19 frontline workers like doctors, paramedical staff, drivers and volunteers. In order to reduced discrimination and stigma against them, a campaign was rolled out in the form of putting up hoardings, wall paintings and pamphlets distribution and pasting in public places by the National Youth Volunteers of NYK Chandel.

6. Official COVID-19 Duty at Community Quarantine Centre and Institutional Centre

NYK headed by the District Youth Coordinator has been serving the people of the district by helping the District Administration by managing a Community Quarantine Centre at Purum Tampak Community Quarantine and Institutional Quarantine Centre at JNV Chandel.

7. PMGKY Rice Distribution and Relief Work

The National Youth Volunteers of NYK Chandel and the DYC helped the District Administration, Chandel in PMGKY rice distribution at various villages in the district. It also helped in the Ration Card holder verification in Liwa Sarie Circle of the district. This enhanced the smooth distribution of the said rice to the people of the district in these times of COVID-19 crisis.

8. Aarogaya Setu App and IGOT

NYK Chandel Volunteers has been motivating youths to downloaded Aarogaya Setu App and also get self-awareness courses on IGOT through Diksha App. Till date around 2000 youths have downloaded Aarogaya Setu App and around 400 have boarded IGOT training through Diksha App.

Submitted by: Ng Rameson Monsang

District Youth Coordinator

Nehru Yuva Kendra, Chandel, Manipur

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