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Helping Differently Abled Persons in Senapati by Manipur North Economic Development Association

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

As the whole world comes to a stand due to the pandemic COVID-19, every aspect of life became stagnant and made it harder for the normal way of life. Government, private, NGOs, Civil Societies Organisation and individual philanthropists have made generous contributions in whatever way possible for the cause of the least privileged during this time of crisis.

On 1 May 2020, relief materials were distributed to the differently-abled persons of Senapati District because of the ongoing pandemic COVID- 19 lockdown. Under the initiative of the NCPEDP Chairman, Sir Arman Ali, Social Welfare Department member, Sir L. Dhaneshwor Singh, SPDPO Manipur, DDAM, WBAM, MANEDA in collaboration with SDPM members and Innocent Smile staff distributed relief materials to thirty differently-abled persons residing in the district. Essential commodities including a few KGs of rice, dal, salt, oil, sugar, tea leaves, soap, detergent, etc. were distributed per beneficiary.

JAN VIKAS SAMITI, a prominent NGO body was not silent in seeing to the need of the suffering people, particularly persons with disabilities (PWDs). They made a donation of Rs. 49,000 (Forty-nine thousand) towards Covid-19 Relief Distribution for the disabled people, inclusive of items; i) 7 kg Rice ii) 2 kg Potato iii) 1 kg Onion iv) 1.5 kg Dal v) Half litre cooking oil vi) 2 piece of bathing soap vii) 2 packets of biscuit viii) 5 piece of washable and reusable mask ix) 1 kg salt x) Leaflet on symptoms and prevention of COVID-19.

Innocent Smile team of MANEDA executed the distribution of relief materials for the PWDs under IDCYD and also those out of IDCYD, located in and around the area of the Organization. A total of 71 beneficiaries benefited the relief assistance.

The Groundwork

21 May 2020: The staff of Innocent Smile School went shopping to purchase all the materials required for relief distribution. Back in the office, the team got engaged in listing out the names of the beneficiaries both inside and outside of IDCYD. The PWDs who are most economically deprived were given the priority to avail the relief aid. The staff then got ready with packing the materials for each individual PWD.

The Relief Distribution

22 May 2020: A total of 50 beneficiaries were able to avail the relief aid on the first day of distribution. The distribution began with few beneficiaries coming to collect from the MANEDA office. The team of MANEDA explained individually the purpose of mask, how to wash and reuse them and also the meaning on the leaflet, all the beneficiaries were made to sanitize their hands before receiving the relief materials. Personal details of the beneficiaries were also collected for documentation and for future references. 30 PWDs came to collect from the office. Parents along with their disabled child came to collect the relief. Those outside the PWDs came with proof of their disability certificate to claim the benefits. 20 beneficiaries were given the relief materials door to door by the Innocent Smile team.

23 May 2020: On the second day 21 beneficiaries benefited the relief aid. The team of MANEDA went from locality to locality to ensure that the most deserved PWDs get the relief materials. Some of the PWDs were located in distant geographical areas where transportation was an issue because of the order of restriction due to the impact of COVID-19. However, the staff of Innocent Smile gave their best to reach out to every corner as far as possible.


With the increase in the number of COVID-19 positive cases in Manipur particularly with the arrival of stranded persons from red zones, strict precautionary measures were imposed in every home, locality, districts and the state at large. Great challenges were faced by both the team of Innocent Smile School and the beneficiaries. However, the staff never gave up with the difficulties. They made phone calls, took permissions from the village head or the governing bodies to enter various localities, making sure the relief materials reach the eligible beneficiaries.

The organization of MANEDA and all the 71 beneficiaries are immensely grateful to Jan Vikas Samiti for the generous contribution/donation of relief materials for the disabled persons during this time of economic and physical crisis. On the whole, the relief program was well planned, organized and appreciated by all the beneficiaries.

Some of the comments from the beneficiaries

"We are deeply grateful to the donors and the MANEDA organization for providing us with relief materials. MANEDA not only looked after our children but also gave us relief support." - Mrs. Solomon of Purul Rosofii Senapati

"Thank you so much MANEDA staff and donors for your support." - Kavaila Joanna , Katomei village, Senapati

"We are so thankful to the donors of these relief materials and also to MANEDA staff for taking the trouble to come to our home and reaching us the materials." - Raina of Nangailong Rongmai

Submitted by: Innocent Smile School, MANEDA, Senapati

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