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KKL Response On Covid-19 Pandemic - Churachandpur

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

The Kuki Khanglai Lawmpi (KKL) under the banner of 'Helping the Helpless' has never shunned the odd stricken and downtrodden individuals to their state of being but got involved in solving their hardships. Stranded persons from Shillong and other far-flung areas have been given transportation so as to bring them home.

1. Generalised View on the Role of KKL

The Kuki Khanglai Lawmpi (KKL) in response to the dreaded Covid-19, has pressed into service two passenger bus in addition to the existing KKL Ambulance which is in service till date. The detailed persons under the surveillance of the District Administration were ferried to the District Transit Camp after which they were dropped to their designated Quarantine Centres.

KKL GHQ President flagging off a bus bound for Shillong stranded students.

KKL Ambulance transporting stranded passengers.

2. Management of the Returnees

The initiative for containing and rehabilitation of the mainland returnees was given to KSO. However, when the management of the returnees went out of proportion, the Kuki Khanglai Lawmpi (KKL), in response to the District Administration’s request, agreed to man Community Quarantine Centres (CQC) at various locations.

As of 23 May 2020, KKL CQC Sielmat CQC has 157 inmates while JNV Tuinom has 121 inmates.

Doctor in charge of Sielmat CQC briefing the inmates.

Volunteers and security personals of Sielmat CQC.

Food distribution at Sielmat CQC and JNV CQC.

3. Utilising Schools to Manage the Returnees

After JNV Tuinom KKL CQC inmates completed their course of stay, our duty shifted to Vimala Raina High School and Savio Public School. Now in exception of Savio Public School, Sielmat H/S and Vimala Raina H/S has housed its 3rd batch.

Inmates of Vimala Raina CQC giving thanks to the Lord Almighty after their test result were declared negative and a volunteer getting ready to spray disinfectants.

4. Support from the Concerned SDO and Medical Department

So far, the KKL officials with the full zeal of support from the concerned SDO and Medical Department have done all that we can and will willingly continue such humanitarian service in the future.

DC, Churachandpur, DFO Churachandpur and SDO, Tuibong handling over protective equiptment, sanitisers to KKL-GHQ executives at KKL Complex Churachandpur.

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