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Komsen Village Quarantine Centre - Chandel District

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

There are four (4) Quarantine Centres at different locations within the village arranged and manned by the villagers to welcome the returnees. The first two (2) female returnees returning from Guwahati reached Komsen Quarantine Centre on 9 May 2020 and on 12 May 2020, one (1) male returnee from Shillong reached the Komsen Quarantine Centre and again on 28 May 2020 another three (3) male returnees from Pune and Tamil Nadu reached the village Quarantine Centres. And on 07 June 2020 one (1) male returnee from Delhi reached the village Quarantine Centre and again on 8 June 2020, two (2) returnees from Delhi (one female and one male) reached the Komsen Quarantine Centre. The returnees were received at different Quarantine Centres.

All the above nine (9) returnees had completed 28 days of quarantine at the village Quarantine Centres and now they all are with their families with the grace of God. And recently on 28 June 2020, one (1) female returnee from the United Kingdom (UK) reached the village Quarantine Centre and she is under quarantine at one of the Quarantine Centres in the village.

The Village Authority along with some elders worked as volunteers to look after the Quarantine Centres. The volunteers assisted the Nodal Officer, CHO Leingangching, HWC Staffs, Head Quarter Medical staff visiting the Quarantine Centres in regard to Covid-19 at Komsen village. The volunteer had to meet some basic requirements for the returnees. The volunteers visit and check the Quarantine Centres, make phone calls to the returnees if any problem is faced by them. And also the villagers didn’t fail to show their love to the returnees by offering vegetables for preparing meals for the returnees.

By the love of God and with the help of State Government, District Administration, front line medical teams, volunteers, the returnees at Komsen Quarantine Centres are safe and happy.

The Komsen Quarantine Centres volunteers looked forward to providing compassionate medical assistance for days to come to fight the Novel Corona Virus (Covid-19).

Submitted by: Volunteers of

Komsen Quarantine Centres

Chandel District

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