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My Experience in Covid-19 Duty as a Volunteer - Tamenglong

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

My name is Adiupou Gangmei, a resident of New Canaan Ward No. 3, Tamenglong District from the state of Manipur. I am a medical student pursuing my degree course in BHMS under the West Bengal University of Health Sciences.

Being a medical student myself, I take it as a responsibility to offer my service to the public during this challenging time of the Pandemic, especially since there is a lack of manpower in the Medical Team of the District. As a volunteer, I hope to put my medical knowledge and my time for the benefit of my people to help assuage their fears and stigma during such difficult times.

I was detailed in the Rapid Response Team member as a volunteer. I work along with the doctors on duty, accompanying them in the quarantining process of the returnees of the district from screening the returnees to home quarantining them, visiting them on alternate days to examine their health conditions to follow up.

The Common Control Room is a hectic yet productive room where the health staff co-ordinate and detail duties each day. From paper works to filling up of discharge papers for the inmates with negative results of different Community Quarantine Centres, delivering the discharge certificates, clarifying the doubts of the impatient inmates along with all their complaints from food to their charging points for the cell phones are some of the brief workloads for us.

As the number of our local returnees increased following the group evacuation initiative of the state government, so has our workload. This has been quite a mentally and physically draining experience for us. Performing our duties systematically and efficiently has also been a challenge as not all the returnees willing co-operate and follow the SOP guidelines laid down by the District Administration.

Being a volunteer has been a true learning experience for me. I learnt a lot from the experts in Imphal who trained us on COVID-19 management. I have also gained much valuable knowledge from my senior doctors, co-workers, the security department and the staff of the District Administration. It has been a truly wonderful experience to see so many generous people, churches and social organisations among others, coming out to help the community in any way possible—be it food, monetary help, essential items or anything else that they can offer.

I am honoured and proud to be working along with the medical team under the District Surveillance Team, Tamenglong and extend my service in helping the people of the district.

Submitted by: Adiupou Gangmei, Tamenglong

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