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“Right to Survival” & “Right to Life”, mottos during the pandemic by Arthur R. Shimray, Ukhrul

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

I am Arthur R. Shimray from Ukhrul District. I have my own two kindergartens/playschools: one at Kuirei Village and the other one in Ukhrul District. Total we have 24 students.

Awareness program on COVID-19 conducted for children and parents.

During this COVID-19 pandemic “right to survival” and “right to life” became our mottos. Diagnosing and serving to the poor among the poorest, people who need help the most. Knowing the condition of some families’ helplessness in this situation, we even exempted their admission fees. These most vulnerable families are the ones that have been affected the worst by this pandemic.

Taking different-abled children to the Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result, this leads to extreme poverty, hunger and leaving some families no choice but to commit some social evils (stealing, selling illegal goods, etc) which brings nuisance to the community. Giving our helping hands becomes necessary and our team felt it as a responsibility to reach out and help the helpless people around us. Thus far, our humble team is doing selfless help to those very poor families. Our school vehicle has turned into people’s vehicle. Because whoever is in need, we allow them to use the vehicle at free of cost. We took them to the hospital for medication, distributed essential commodities (food items, medicines, diaper for kids, etc.) and assisting financially to the “differently-abled person” became our core duty. Moreover, supplying the needs (food items and their essential goods) of returnees from different places is one of the notable jobs we did during this lockdown.

Distributing essential goods to the returnees.

Awareness program on COVID-19 at Kuirei Village.

We also emphasised on “right to special care”. Under this, we took up several awareness campaigns on COVID 19 (you will be seeing in our photos) especially to the kids and mothers and distributed masks and hand sanitizers in every gathering. It is worth mentioning that our centre became “COVID-19 information centre” for people especially for the locality as we telecast most of the COVID-19 related news and information through the PA system.

Assisting students for their carrier.

Moreover, our visual aided room turns into “students information centre” as we opened 24 hours for the benefit of the students to take their online classes and filling up their necessary forms for their further studies and public exams. I personally feel it is an urgent need for all of us to extend our help to those helpless families at this juncture.

Submitted by: Arthur R. Shimray

Proprietor, Mangazan Kids Learning Centre, Ukhrul

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