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Short Journey on Being a Covid-19 Positive Patient of Chandel

I, Mr. Ningjoy Khumlo, a resident of Chandel District. A final year student at one of the colleges of Delhi University, staying in North Delhi which was classified as a Green Zone, I came back to Manipur on 27 May 2020 by flight with a colleague.

On the same day, I along with my colleague was transferred to JNV Sarei, Chandel Institutional Quarantine Centre. At JNV, I stayed in a room (Classroom) along with 3 other guys (including my colleague). Since Covid-19 has been declared pandemic, we were all aware of the situation and therefore, social distancing was properly maintained including proper hygiene, hand washing and wearing of face mask.

There at JNV, our regular temperature reading was taken every day by the screening team which always showed that my temperature as Normal. And on 28 May, the nasal swab for COVID-19 test for all the untested inmates at JNV was taken including mine.

Before the result could be made available, I started having throat irritation and difficulty in swallowing from 30 May. Prior to that, I had no symptoms at all. Therefore, I then reported myself to a medical team present there. But since I had no other symptoms, I was asked to treat it with warm water gargling.

Then on 3 June, the result came and I was tested Covid-19 positive and transferred to District Hospital Chandel Isolation ward. Whereas my all other roommates’ results came out negative. But as contact tracing was in place, all my roommates were once again re-tested but the results came out negative and so they were all discharged for community quarantine centres at their respective villages.

After spending a night at the Isolation ward in Chandel District Hospital, I was then transferred to JNIMS, Porompat on 4 June for further treatment.

There, I received proper medical care and medications under the dedicated services and guidance of the doctors and nurses at JNIMS.

Spending 10 days at JNIMS, my nasal swab was again taken and re-tested on 14 June but the result once again came out “Positive”.

After a week, on 21 June, another nasal swab test was done, and by the grace of God along with the dedicated services by the doctors and nurses of JNIMS, this time the result came out “Negative” on 23 June.

So, on 24 June, I was discharged from the JNIMS hospital with a discharged certificate and transported me back to my resident in Chandel. There, I was home quarantined for another 14 days as per the guidelines.

Words of Appreciation

I would like to express my utmost heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supported me with care. I pay my deepest respect to all the doctors, nurses, cooks, etc. at JNIMS and all the helpers at JNV, Sarei.

I am also very grateful to my villagers, families, relatives and friends who gave me moral support with their positive words and prayers.

And above all, I thank the almighty God for supporting me through this entire journey.

I pray that God gives strength to the medical frontline workers and everyone to help us overcome this COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are a few questions that were asked to me by the Medical team

1. What was your first reaction when you came to know you are Covid-19 positive?

Well, I was surprised at first and then me and my roommates we were laughing because it was so unexpected that there was one among us who had this virus.

2. How did you deal with it?

Well…since I had no symptoms…I didn’t worry about it much. And everyone who called me up would cheer me up saying that it’s nothing to be worried of.

Dad showed a bit of worry. Mom was fine on the outside.

3. During all those days of being in quarantine how had you passed your time?

I watch quite a lot of movies, interacted a lot with my friends, played games and slept a lot and in the morning, some exercise. Moreover, drank only warm water.

4. After having gone through all this, is there any change in you?

It didn’t have much impact on my mind. But I know that people were all kind. And it was a great feeling to know so many people prayed for my well being.

I think I might have become a kinder person than I was.

Submitted by: Ningjoy Khumlo

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