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The Efforts of AMGSU to Help Those in Need During Covid-19

COVID-19 is affecting the lives of all sections of the society in some way or the other. The All Manipur Gorkha Students’ Union (AMGSU), being one of the student organizations with a statewide presence, believes that it has a huge responsibility on its shoulders to help those in need, in the best way it can.

Under the able leadership of AMGSU’s President, Mr. L.B. Adhikari, the organization has been involved in various means and methods to help those in distress.

Donations in CM Relief Fund

AMGSU was involved in communicating the information regarding CM COVID-19 Relief Fund and how there is a need for every individual to contribute to the betterment of the society we live in. We received donations from some of the well-wishers and socially active individuals and through AMGSU and donated a sum of Rs 60000 (Sixty Thousand), by personally visiting the CM in his office.

AMGSU Volunteers presenting a cheque to Hon'ble CM.

Set up of COVID-19 Task Force within AMGSU

Seeing the plights and distress faced by the people, the members of AMGSU volunteered to set a task force who kept their numbers available 24*7 to handle the queries related to COVID-19. We have received around 10,000 phone calls on the designated helpline numbers to date. Most queries were related to Tengbang registration, funds through Tengbang registration, train and flight SOPs and timing, enquiries about Quarantine Centres and some seeking for relief measures. Citing one example, AMGSU coordinated with the local ABVP Wing and helped around 30 stranded Manipuri people from Mangalore to board a bus to reach the Bangalore Railway Station for their journey via Shramik Train. It is a matter of privilege that the official Facebook handle of our honourable CM, Shri N. Biren Singh, appreciated this effort.

Setup of Dedicated Whatsapp Groups for Stranded People in Different Regions of India

AMGSU COVID-19 Task Force was involved in managing 10 Whatsapp groups of around 200 members each, having stranded people of Manipur residing at different locations all over India. This initiative covered stranded people residing in the states of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat, Assam, Kerela and the UT of Delhi. These groups played an important role in bringing around 3000 people via Shramik trains, buses and flights.

Accurate Information Dissemination of COVID-19 Related Updates

AMGSU has a wide follower network of around 25000 individuals, who are regularly fed with all the updates and notifications as released by the relevant authorities. The updates on current cases, any SOPs released by the government and all updates passed on from the Chief Secretary are all passed on to the followers’ network. The link to the official Facebook handle of AMGSU is here.

Help in the Maintenance of Precautionary Measures

AMGSU has been involved in creating awareness about the precautionary measures to be taken in the time of COVID-19. AMGSU has visited Quarantine Centres in the Kangpokpi- Kanglatongbi area to make the quarantine in-charge volunteers know about the basic protocols to be followed while managing the Quarantine Centres. We also gave suggestions and inputs to the District Administration of Kangpokpi and Senapati Districts about the management of COVID-19. Seeing long queues at one of the post offices in the region, AMGSU sent a strong message to the authorities of the village and also to the post office authorities. This resulted in an order to be generated in the name of AMGSU, in following token system and compulsory social distancing, wearing masks and the use of sanitisers in the post office. AMGSU also got involved in village-wide awareness rally in Kanglatongbi.

Interaction of Kangpokpi DC with the CSOs of KPI.

Awareness Videos and Campaigns

Awareness to the people about COVID-19 is very important in this time of distress. AMGSU has released 5 awareness videos to the common public in its social media platforms, where we have been interacting with all the questions and queries as raised by the common public. The awareness videos have been released to impart general information about COVID-19 and for clarification of SOPs of travel through trains and flights (when it was available). The videos can be accessed at the official AMGSU Facebook page.

Maintenance of Kanglatongbi Quarantine Center

Kanglatongbi Unit of AMGSU has played an active role from the time of set up of the Quarantine Centre till date. During the setting up of the Quarantine Centre, AMGSU Kanglatongbi volunteers, on their own, cleaned the inside as well as the premises of the Kanglatongbi Quarantine Center. The members are actively volunteering in the Quarantine Centres as part of Kanglatongbi COVID-19 Task Force.

AMGSU Kanglatongbi Volunteers at Kanglatongbi QC.

Distribution of Relief Goods

AMGSU has been providing relief items when distress calls are received from various individuals (residents of Manipur) all around the country. We have done so in the areas of Gurgaon, Guwahati, Darjeeling, Bangalore, Mangalore, among others. The relief items were mostly eatables and general essential items for day to day use.

AMGSU President and volunteers presenting relief items to DC Kangpokpi.

We also helped provide masks and other essentialities to the policemen on duty in Kangpokpi, Imphal and Serou area. We also provided masks to the local vegetable vendors in Mogpijang aArea. We also extended help to the District Administration of Kangpokpi and Senapati by providing basic relief items such as masks, mineral water, hand gloves, hand sanitisers, room sanitisers, vegetables, eggs and other eatables.

AMGSU volunteers providing planning inputs and relief items to Senapati District HQ COVID Task Force.

Suggestions on Reopening of Schools

As invited by the Department of Education(S), Government of Manipur, we provided with detailed suggestions on the re-opening of educational institutions and functioning of these institutions in post COVID period. The suggestions included precautionary measures that may be taken before and after the opening of educational institutions, the preferable timeline for the opening of schools, contents of the revised academic calendar and other additional issues. The full document can be accessed here.

AMGSU Greater Imphal and Serou volunteers providing items to policemen on duty.

Visits to Quarantine Centers all over Manipur

Looking at the problems faced by inmates at Quarantine Centres, AMGSU visited some quarantine centres in Kanglatongbi area and in Kangpokpi and Senapati Districts. AMGSU tried to learn about the grievances of the inmates and also donated some relief items to them.

AMGSU Covid-19 Relief team visited and provided relief items to Kanglatongbi (Hindi High School, IGNTU University); Saikul (Saikul CHC IQCs, Thangal Surung); Charhajare (Damdei Christian College, Sanatan Sanskrit Vidyalaya); Sapormeina (Eklavya Residential Model School); Kalapahar (Emmanuel School, Vidya Bharati DR Kharel Bal Vidya Mandir and Upper Kalapahar UJB School Quarantine Centers ); Kangpokpi (JNV Boys Hostel, JNV Girls Hostel, JNV School, BJP Office, Government High School); Toribari (Goma Devi High School); Pangei (Pangei Community Hall); Irang (Irang Pt II CQC); Leimakhong (Leimakhong Bazar, Shantinagar Village, P. Moulding Part II).

AMGSU Volunteers with relief items in various QCs in Kalapahar, Saikul and Irang.

We provided basic relief items such as masks, mineral water, hand gloves, hand sanitisers, room sanitisers, vegetables, eggs and other eatables. AMGSU expressed solidarity with the inmates and also prayed for the speedy return of the inmates back to their homes. AMGSU tried in its capacity to communicate the issues to the concerned authorities.

AMGSU Volunteers listening to inmates’ grievances.

Special mention must also be given to Shri Shimshim Soshim (Gurung) and Arjun Jogi for their personal contribution towards providing relief items to the inmates at IGNTU IQC, Makhan.

Shri Shimshim Soshim (Gurung) with AMGSU President at IGNTU IQC.

Medium of Message Transmission to Higher Authorities

The problems, as heard from the people in need and in distress, were mostly solved by the volunteers on the call. But, some issues required intervention from higher authorities. The trust with which the people in distress speak to us about their grievances gives us a huge responsibility to carry forward the information to the concerned Village Authorities, MDCs, OCs, SDOs, DCs, CMOs, Nodal Officers and other higher authorities.

Shri BP Vikas Basnet, Hon’ble MDC (Executive Member) SH-ADC, Shri Milan Pradhan, Hon'ble MDC (Govt. Nominee) SH-ADC and Shri Sagar Gewali, Hon'ble MDC, SH-ADC personally visited the quarantine inmates at IGNTU Makhan and Motbung High School to hear out their grievances as well as to provide some relief items to the inmates. They were accompanied by the President and other volunteers of AMGSU.

Honourable MDCs of SH-ADC interacting with quarantine inmates at Makhan IQC.

AMGSU was successful in conducting such volunteering work, all thanks to the motivations provided by the administration who is constantly providing support and help to the people in need, our donors who have been supporting us to take such initiatives, our well-wishers who make us proud, our Advisors who provide us with the required suggestions and all the Civil Societies and NGOs working tirelessly for the cause. AMGSU will continue taking these initiatives in the days to come and hope for receiving support from all sections of the society. Let us all together fight to eradicate this pandemic from its roots.

Submitted by: All Manipur Gorkha Students’ Union (AMGSU), Imphal West

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