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The First Covid-19 Recovered Person From Ukhrul District

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

I am a COVID recovered patient, a returnee from Mumbai who was the first person who tested positive from Ukhrul District, Manipur. After being tested positive I went through the whole gamut of feelings of fear, stress and mental pressure (hugely anticipated from the existing social environment of fear and panic).

Although I tested positive, I strongly felt the need to provide psychological and other support to other Covid patients after physically and mentally experiencing the plight of the disease (especially for those coming from the hill areas like sharing information about what is required in the Care Centre, what they need to carry when they come, etc). Thankfully I was able to respond in a stable manner and indeed the emotional support from friends and family members were deeply encouraging. After I was admitted at RIMS Covid Care Centre, I acted as a 'support giver' to the new patients coming from Ukhrul and Kamjong by sharing my experience about the disease and my stay in the Covid Care Centre (mostly through telephonic conversation). Later, I along with 4 fellow inmates, formed a 'Covid Patients Network' and made our contact numbers available as a helpline for the new patients from Kamjong and Ukhrul District. We attended support meetings to improve our coping mechanism and our mental health.

Fortunately, in the span of just 14 days, I was declared Covid negative (-ve). Later, after being discharged from the hospital I wrote down a testimonial article (in Tangkhul vernacular) for 'Social Awareness' about the disease, ways of treatment and the importance of community mental health in combating the pandemic using my personal experience.

Giving encouragement to the COVID positive patients at COVID Care Centre, Shirui, Ukhrul District.

Today, I m volunteering as a counsellor (covering Kamjong and Ukhrul) under Health Administration along with my colleagues from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai who are trained in Mental Health and Counselling. It is very challenging, but also an amazing opportunity to unlearn, relearn and test our capacities and values system.

COVID Care Centre, Shirui, Ukhrul District

At present contributing voluntary work through Tele-Counselling Services along with friends and District Health Team.

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